Traditional Hokkien Popiah’s main ingredients  (so called Mang Guang)
 is not so ‘Gang Dang'(simple). 
We uses a lot of healthy food  such as Cabbage, Turnip, Carrot,
Bamboo Shoot, Leek, Dried Tofu, French Bean.
Secretly tell you, we also uses shrimp to
enhance the fragrance and sweetness of the main ingredients.
Next is our DIY Popiah procedures. There are so many
to add on during the DIY wrapping, we can wrap with Sweet Sauce,
Chilli & Garlic Paste, Minced Peanut, Coriander, Lettuce, Beansprout,
Sliced Omelette with our ‘Mang Guang‘ together and roll into the ‘Popiah Skin’.
 With your family and friends,  it will be an amazing experience.